About ASEAN-ICT4SRD 2015

Venue: Impiana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Date: 24 – 27 May 2014

Email: asean.ict.srd2015@gmail.com

Main Organizer:

1) Ministry of Rural and Regional Development Malaysia

2) Institute for Rural Advancement (INFRA)


1) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

2) International Rural Research and Planning Group (iRRPG)


Information and communication technology (ICT) has increasingly contributed to the transformation of our lives including social interaction, economic and business practices, education and knowledge dissemination and cross-fertilization, political engagement, media education, health, leisure and entertainment.  It has been argued that ICT has huge potential for fostering sustainable rural development, alleviation of poverty, community empowerment and addressing the challenges of climate change. However, despite the advancement of ICT, the application of ICT in the rural sectors has been slow due to factors such as poor ICT infrastructure in rural areas, low population density, physical, economic, social and information barriers.

Asean Forum 2015-new header-11022015

The ASEAN Forum on ICT for Sustainable Rural Development and Cross-Fertilization 2015 has the overall aim of bringing together stakeholders, decision makers, policy makers, prominent figure, leading academic scientists, researchers, and the public to explicitly discuss and advance our understanding of the issues of the ICT applications in rural areas and share the best practices on how ICT has been used for fostering sustainable rural development, poverty alleviation, knowledge cross-fertilization and addressing challenges of climate change. The conference will address current issues and/or debates related to sustainable rural development namely disaster management, training and education, entrepreneurship and innovation, and networking and social capital development across a deliberately wide range of relevant spheres and interacting topics.

This forum will also provide the premier trans-, inter-, and multi-disciplinary forum for federal- and state government officers at different hierarchies, non-governmental organizations; management and technical staff, academicians post-graduate students, and researchers to present and explicitly discuss the most recent innovations, best practices, trends and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the problem based solutions proposed and adopted related to ICT applications in rural development among members of ASEAN.

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